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Lucille Haden
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Oztoberfest Day 1: Uziel the Tiefling Paladin
This is both my personal attempt at Inktober and a fun tribute/gift to my boyfriend, Osric as the 24th is his birthday! So everyday until his birthday I'll have him give me a prompt and I'll do a quick sketch from it. Later on I'll come back to these and finish them, but for now just sketches!

Pose courtesy of KateFox: Pose study 34 
Felina a.k.a "Warpath" is a new character that I created for Werewolf the Forsaken. Our campaign is set in the Old West, specifically Texas in 1874. Felina is a proud Apache warrior as well as a Blood Talon Cahalith. At present she's hell bent on vengeance for her father and tribe who were slain (for reasons we haven't discovered yet) by the Pure under the guise of United States soldiers. The attack prompted her first turn under the Gibbous Moon. She drove off the attacking force, protecting her father's body and the handful of survivors. Feeling disconnected from the remnants of her tribe she has since been hunting down each man who took part in the massacre. One of her new packmates gave her the nickname "Warpath" and the angry, bitter young woman has fully embraced the moniker.

While doing reserach for her I read that the Apache often gave Spanish names rather than divulging their true names to outsiders and I chose Felina in honor of the song "El Paso" by Marty Robbins. The colors of her war paint represents strength, blood, a willingness to die in battle and mourning.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Pose by KateFox
Moon Brush by hawksmont
BG Pattern by Melsbrushes
Elf Races of Medhiir
The three races of elves from the world of Medhiir. I wanted to play around with skin and eye colors to determine a general difference between the three. I've also deviated a bit from my usual style by going "lineless". It was an interesting experience, I may play more with this though as I do like the outcome!

The Syldine: They have violet eyes, bronze skin and dark hair ranging from blue to purple to teal.
The Eledine: Related to the Syldine, they vary drastically in appearance. Their skin is dark, their eyes aqua and their pale hair ranges from pristine white to a faint platinum.
The Elekhir: Descended from the Eledine, they were banished from the surface realms of their ancestors. After the Eledine and Syldine were all but wiped out, the Elekhir began to trickle forth from their underground domain intent on claiming whatever land they could. Only the emergent race of humans beat them to it, leading to a bloody, but short conflict. The Elekhir have incredibly pale skin, black or white hair and red eyes.

Credit where credit is due:
Pose reference by KateFox
Brushes by KateFox
Seiuna the Dog Demon
I actually started working on this back in January so I could do a Before/After, but it got put on the back burner and so I'm just now finishing it up. The comparison shot can be viewed here:

This is the same pose as my very first Seiuna picture, with a few alterations and updates. When I first started I couldn't draw a kimono at that angle so I went with a completely different design and her hair color ended up being changed a bit later. Oh and I added lightning... because, lightning!

Credit where credit is due:
Pose reference by KateFox
Brushes in the BG by KateFox
Meme Frame by Bampire
Help getting the head positioned correctly from Sapphie! Thanks sweetie! <3


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